Saloteam designs and manufactures different assembly jigs and fixtures according to the customers’ needs.

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Assembly jig and fixture design


3D design service is a key element in Saloteam’s services offering. Saloteam designs and manufactures different assembly jigs and fixtures according to the customers’ needs.

Cooperation with customer begins with the design and idea sourcing phase. Our designers are focused on finding a cost-effective and functional solution to cater to the customer´s needs. The objective of our design team is to be involved in the product development project as early as possible.

After-sales services

Saloteam offers efficient and reliable after-sales services when our customers need spare parts or maintenance for their equipment. Thanks to our rapid service, there are no disruptions to production.

Spare parts

Ordering spare parts for the assembly solutions has been made easy at Saloteam. Saloteam specifies, during the design phase, a spare parts list according to which it is easy for the customer to order the recommended items. If the customers so wish, they can also order other parts included in the product based on the exploded view drawing and parts list delivered with the product.

Spare parts can also be manufactured one by one, and there are no minimum order quantities. Spare parts for our solutions can also be ordered after the product itself has been phased out. We deliver spare parts directly from our warehouse or manufacture them based on orders. A flexible spare parts service ensures uninterrupted production and easy-to-maintain assembly tools for our customers.

Maintenance service

Most of Saloteam’s products are maintenance-free, which largely contributes to the cost-effectiveness of the customers’ production processes. Wear parts can be easily replaced by the customers themselves with the help of clear instructions. Saloteam’s product support also offers additional instructions for maintenance work when needed. Previously delivered equipment can also be upgraded with a more recent version. Saloteam serves its customers in all aspects related to product development.

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